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The bolsena sludge pump design goes back to 2001. This is when I built the very first Vertical pump. The very first use for this new pump was an API separator job at the EXXON BOP CHEMICAL plant in Baytown Texas. Ever since that first API cleaning they have never used any other method or pump to do this very difficult job. They have saved Millions of dollars since the first API cleaning with our amazing pump. This first pump is a 5"X5" DESIGN . Then the gulf oil spill Happened... We were called upon because the oil spill boats could not offload that  yellow red goop that you seen on TV.  National Response Corp. placed our pump on a barge in the gulf and were successful in offloading hundreds of oil spill boats with our pump. This 5"X5" pump still has its projects where it is called upon.

Pump Features
  • Trailor Mounted
  • Hydraulic Power
  • Materials Fall Away
  • Capture Heavy Items
We build pumps from the highest quality.
​C&C Manufactured
A totally new patent pending pump design!

Vertical Reciprocating Pump

You will be amazed at what this pump will do. It will out perform any other sludge pump of its type that is in use today and will move product more efficiently than ever before. Sludge Pump Sales and Repairs, conducts all of their own pump fabrications, in order to meet your needs and will custom build to your specific design.


to out perform its competitors!

Designed specifically for tank cleaning, API seperators, paraffin, crude oil bottoms, 6 oil bottoms, ink sludge, fuel blending for cement kilns, drum sucking,rail car loading and unloading 1,000,000+ centepoise sludges.​

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